Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wavering Republican State Senators

Three Wisconsin state senators are apparently wavering in their commitment to Walker's Wisconsin-busting bill. Wisconsinites, please call or e-mail them to ask that they vote against the bill, especially those of you who live in their districts.

Randy Hopper, from the 18th district (Fond du Lac): 608-266-5300;

Luther Olsen, from the 14th district (Ripon): 608-266-0751;

Dale Schultz, from the 17th district (Richland Center): 608-266-0703 or 800-978-8008;

Here's the e-mail I sent to all three:
Dear Senator ----,

I'm writing to you as a citizen of Wisconsin to ask you to vote against Scott Walker's "Budget Repair" bill. Please be a voice and a force for reason in what is happening in Wisconsin and show respect for Wisconsin's proud heritage of championing the rights of working people.

Or if the bill must pass, please work to remove the most heinous parts of the bill wherein unions are stripped of their collective bargaining power, wherein BadgerCare and Medicaid are imperiled and hamstrung, wherein the state-owned power plants can be sold without even receiving bids. The hard-working people of Wisconsin deserve better than this. Please do all you can to advocate for their best interests rather than the interests of Walker's corporate backers.


Mary Ray Worley
Madison, Wisconsin
Update: Here's a response I got from Senator Olsen:
Thank you for contacting my office. First we would like to apologize if you were trying to contact us by phone. We have received a significant amount of calls over the past week. My small staff is doing their best to answer your calls but it is impossible for them to keep up.

More importantly, I would like to thank you for contacting me and please know that your voice IS being heard.


Senator Luther Olsen

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