Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vote JoAnne Kloppenburg Wisconsin Supreme Court Tues. April 5, 2011

Corporate interests have financed the installation of a four-of-seven majority in the Wisconsin Supreme Court--among them Prosser, who is being challenged in the Tuesday April 5, 2011 election by JoAnne Kloppenburg.

The four WMC justices are reliably pro-corporation in all cases, whether it means being anti-worker or anti-injured party.

The question before voters on April 5, 2011, is, do we want to continue the 4-3 Wisconsin Supreme Court that assists the concentration of wealth (if so, vote Prosser), or, flip it to a 4-3 Wisconsin Supreme Court that upholds workers' rights, fairness for injured parties, the fairness of the political process (if so, vote Kloppenburg).

The business umbrella group calling itself "Wisconsin Civil Justice Council, Inc." rated the justices on friendliness to their interests:

Prosser, Gabelman, Ziegler, Roggensack 100%
Crooks 64%
Bradley 36%
Abrahamson 29%

Moneyed interests have rolled up control of the governor's office, state senate, state assembly, and--subject to change on April 5, 2011--the state supreme court.

The one that can be changed is the supreme court.

Vote Kloppenburg April 5.


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