Friday, February 18, 2011

Conservative? Really?

Can anybody tell me why Republicans like Scott Walker are still being called "conservative"? What exactly are they conserving? The rich, I guess. But really, the policy Walker is trying to push through in Wisconsin is decidedly not conservative. It is one of the most radical, heavy-handed pieces of legislature this country has ever seen.

Walker tried to push his 144-page bill through the legislature with no public comment and essentially no legislative debate in just five days. That draconian move would have unraveled more than fifty years of Wisconsin's finest accomplishments on behalf of working families. It would gut the middle class and ultimately do great harm to Wisconsin's economy.

But Walker's concern is not the state budget. Nor is it the well-being of the people of Wisconsin. His concern is to please his corporate sponsors. And that is all.

So can we please stop calling him a conservative? His policies, his goals, his attitudes are not conservative. They're destructive. They're arrogant. They're un-American.

I know. Let's call him what he is: a plutocrat.

According to, plutocracy is "1: government by the wealthy; 2: a controlling class of the wealthy."

Plutocrat is a perfectly apt description of Scott Walker. And plutocracy is clearly his goal. Let's call him what he is. Scott Walker, the consummate plutocrat.

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