Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reading Up on Vinehout

Here’s some of what I read yesterday in my effort to learn more about Kathleen Vinehout, who is one of four primary candidates challenging Scott Walker:

Biography from Vinehout’s website.

Giles Goat Boy, "Wisconsin Recall: For Me, It's K.V.," April 3, 2012.

vacilando, "I went to see Kathleen Vinehout Candidate for WI Gov," April 4, 2012.

Judith Davidoff, "Vinehout’s progressive stripes questioned over birth control bill." The Daily Page, February 9, 2012. I was especially struck by the first comment (from Andy Olsen), and asked Vinehout directly last night about the wording of that amendment and what “elsewhere” meant.

Ruth Conniff, "Sen. Vinehout would be a strong contender for governor in the Wisconsin recall election." The Daily Page, February 9, 2012.

NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin’s press release, March 12, 2008: "Sen. Vinehout Breaks Campaign Promise to Women: Vinehout Leads Effort to Allow Pharmacists to Deny Women Birth Control."

Vinehout writes a weekly column and has them available on her website dating back to December 2007. I skimmed some of these and found them engaging and enlightening. The one I got the biggest kick out of is titled "Smaller government equals one-man-rule?" which is dated Feb. 16, 2011, the day before Vinehout and the 13 other Democratic state senators left the state to allow time for the people’s voice to be heard in response to Walker’s draconian "budget repair bill."

Thanks to Karen V. for directing me to some of the above links.

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