Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Which Side Are You On? (video)

So, here it is, our very first homegrown video. What it lacks in polish is made up for by heart. The inestimable chorus is made up of folks who hung around after the church picnic on Sunday, the wind, and a few seagulls.

Undoubtedly we'll get better at this with practice, but hey, this isn't bad for our first attempt. And now that we know how easy it is, there'll be plenty more.

Which Side Are You On?
original version by Florence Reece; new lyrics by Mary Ray Worley
New lyrics © copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Which side are you on? (4x)

Our health care system’s broken
Right here in the USA.
The only ones who can afford to get sick
Are the ones who can afford to pay.

My daddy he was laid off.
He lost his insurance too.
Then he caught pneumonia.
Now he’s singing the foreclosure blues.

When you submit a claim form,
Do you know what they’ll provide?
Will they send it back to you
With a big red stamp “Denied!”

We can’t leave it up to Obama.
He may or may not come through.
If you want this reform to pass,
Then you know it’s up to me and you.

We want the public option.
We’re drawing our line in the sand.
Will you call on Congress
To be strong and take a stand!

We’re tired of the moneyed interests
Calling Washington’s tune.
It’s time for us to shake things up
And send the lobbyists to the moon.

Now health care’s not a privilege.
It is a human right.
And we’re standing on firm moral ground,
And it’s here we’re gonna fight.


  1. Good job, Mary! Send your 'backup' chorus over to the candlelight vigil tomorrow night -- meet at the corner of Regent St. and Speedway on the west side of the intersection at 8:30 PM. Bring a candle or flashlight!


  2. I will be there, Susan, if I can get my work done before that. Many thanks!

  3. This is very powerful and touching. Good job Mary!

  4. Mary, please send these lyrics and your website to Ed Schultz on The Ed Show at MSNBC. He will love this! Great Job...

  5. Thanks for the encouragement! We're going to redo the video this weekend so there's not so much wind interference. Then maybe I'll send it to our friends at MSNBC. :-)

  6. this is great! except for the wind. If you can get rid of that, I'll forward to all my friends....

  7. I wouldn't have posted it at all except that it was our first effort and the sing-along gang was so good. We'll do the next one inside so as to avoid the wind interference. I'll post here to let you know when the new one is up.