Thursday, August 18, 2011

Attacks on the Middle Class Busting Out All Over

Forty-five thousand Verizon workers are on strike because the company, although it is "swimming in cash," is demanding that they give up a substantial amount of their earnings, benefits, and job security. But just like the USPS and the state of Wisconsin, the "budget crisis" is sheer fabrication. "In the first quarter of this year, Verizon tripled its profits compared with the previous year. Since February, when it began its new deal with Apple to market the iPhone, the company has signed up an astounding 2.3 million new iPhone customers."

According to the Communications Workers of America, "In the last four years alone, Verizon made more than $19 billion in profits and compensated their top five executives more than a quarter of a billion dollars. But apparently that’s not enough. Now they want to outsource more jobs, including sending jobs overseas, slash sick days, eliminate benefits for workers who get hurt on the job and cut the healthcare benefits they promised retirees."

Once again, Ed Schultz, inveterate advocate for middle-class workers that he is, focuses on what Verizon is up to (link to video here):

Stand up and speak out for the middle class in Wisconsin, at the USPS, and at Verizon. Demand respect and fair treatment for workers everywhere. Organize, mobilize, and whatever you do, don't give up!


  1. Stop voting for the two plutocratic "parties":

    (NB The Libertarians are worse: When it comes to money, especially Big Money, they run with the plutocrats _every_ time.)

    And DEMAND that the perpetrators of the Oil Bubble of 2006-8, who and which wrecked the world economy, be brought to justice:

  2. I agree, John, that both parties are plutocratic, not to mention corrupt. But I still think we're substantially worse off when the Republicans are in power.

    I believe one of the most critical needed improvements is to prohibit or severely limit corporate political donations and reverse Citizens United.