Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama's Speech

So far, just two things have struck me about Obama's speech today:
Now that our economic recovery is gaining strength...
I'm glad to hear that our economic recovery is gaining strength. I wouldn't have known if you hadn't told me. And I suspect there are many more who are equally unaware. No matter how many times you say this, it won't make it true for the majority of Americans. Even tapping your heels together three times won't help.
Democrats and Republicans must come together...
Really? Must we? Would you please quit trying to come together with these guys, Mr. Prez? Can't you see that they're just not that into you? They don't care how many concessions you make. You could steal every play from their playbook and it wouldn't help. It's the very idea of you that they don't like. You can't force the Republicans to be bipartisan, even if you think that's what most Americans want (or think they want).

If you would spend just a fraction of the time and energy you spend on trying to make nice with the Republicans on working for the Democratic base, Democrats would be so much more enthusiastic about voting for you in 2012. Don't forget who voted you into office. Don't leave us dangling here in the wind. Why you work harder to appease the Republicans than doing the work we elected you to do is beyond me.

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